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Streamline operations, enhance security, and boost efficiency today

Welcome to the most advanced and efficient Campus card vending self-service kiosks on the market.

High Quality Self-Service Kiosks

Our kiosks are top-of-the-line, ensuring reliability and cutting-edge technology.

Is there ongoing support available?

Yes, our team provides ongoing support, software updates, and maintenance to ensure a seamless experience with our kiosks.

Smart, Funded Campus Cards

Our kiosks provide smart Campus cards that can be purchased as new or reloaded and managed seamlessly.

Can PayKiosk be customized to align with our corporate branding?

Yes, PayKiosk can often be customized to match your corporate branding, including logo placement, color schemes, and even the user interface.

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Comprehensive Solution

Self-Service Networks partners with Transact to offer universities a complete self-service solution for card distribution and reloading, streamlining campus card management.

Secure Efficiency

PCI-compliant PayKiosk streamlines payments, reducing manual processes, ensuring financial security on campus.

Proactive Monitoring

Real-time alerts and reporting enhance security and convenience, keeping kiosks operating smoothly.

Award-Winning Technology

Recognized for excellence with multiple industry awards, Self-Service Networks is a trusted provider known for quality and innovation in self-service solutions.

Revolutionize your campus with cutting-edge payment solutions.

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